Q: What are all-wheel drive and four wheel drive?

A: All-wheel drive (AWD) and four wheel drive (4WD) are drive systems designed to help maximize traction on various types of road conditions, whether wet, snowy, rough or dry.

Q: How do the different Suzuki AWD and 4WD systems work?

A: Kizashi - The Kizashi's advanced i-AWD™ system with i-VSP activates via a dash-mounted switch. Upon acceleration, the sophisticated system distributes the optimum amount of torque for a smooth start and sure-footed acceleration. As road conditions change, the proper amount of torque distributed between the front and rear wheels is dependent upon several conditions including wheel slippage and throttle input.

The Intelligent Vehicle Stability Program* (i-VSP) is included on all AWD-equipped Kizashi sport sedans. The i-VSP system constantly evaluates vehicle dynamics to control steering torque assist and front / rear traction distribution. In the event of oversteer, where the rear wheels have less traction than the front, the system transfers driving force from rear to front to help reduce the rear wheels' tendency to slip. In the event of understeer, where the rear tires have more traction than the front, the AWD system transfers driving force from front to rear, enhancing the driving experience.

"*I-VSP, which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques. Always drive safely. i-AWD™ cannot be relied upon to prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques.

A: SX4 Crossover - Engineered from concept to be all-wheel-drive capable, the SX4 Crossover offers Suzuki's three-mode Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system (i-AWD™). The i-AWD system employs an electronically controlled coupling device mounted in front of the rear differential. The driver uses a console switch to choose the best mode for the driving situation. The 2WD mode dedicates power to the front wheels for optimum fuel economy in high-traction conditions. In AWD Auto mode, up to 50 percent of torque is automatically apportioned to the rear wheels when pronounced front-wheel slippage occurs. The AWD Lock setting sends 30-50 percent of torque as needed to the rear wheels for optimum traction in slippery conditions. Additionally, the system automatically switches back from AWD Lock to AWD Auto mode at speeds above 36 mph.

A: Grand Vitara - The Grand Vitara's single-mode 4WD system is offered with the compact SUV's 4x4 Premium trim, while the Four-Mode full-time system is available with the 4x4 Limited trim.

The Grand Vitara's single-mode 4WD system is ideal for drivers who need all-weather traction and participate in light off-road driving. The single mode and Four-Mode systems share a similar bevel gear open center differential that distributes power evenly between the front and rear wheels. The differential allows the differing wheel speeds caused by turning, minimizing the "binding" that causes unwanted noise and vibration during tight turns or maneuvering in some 4WD vehicles.

The 4WD system itself is purely mechanical and does not rely on clutch packs or electronic couplers to vary the torque split. Rather, if the standard Electronic Stability Program detects wheel spin (front or rear), it uses the traction control feature to apply the brake to the spinning wheel, which effectively transfers power to the wheels with traction.

Suzuki's Four-Mode full-time 4WD offers the best of both worlds: It is exceptionally capable off-road, but is civilized on the asphalt. On pavement, drivers can leave the interior-mounted transfer case switch in 4H, and the electronically controlled on-demand four-wheel-drive system will apply traction to the front wheels only as needed, optimizing fuel economy. In slippery conditions such as snow, 4H Lock locks the differential, keeping power distribution at 50:50. When traveling off-road, or for low-speed power and traction, drivers can turn the switch to high-range 4H Lock or low-range 4L Lock to engage the center differential lock. In 4L Lock, engine power is sent through a lower set of gears (1.97:1) to multiply torque.

A: Equator - The available shift-on-the-fly part-time 4WD system features an electronically controlled part-time two-speed transfer case. For enhanced off-road capability, the rugged Equator offers a comprehensive off-road traction system, including four-wheel limited slip, electronic locking rear differential, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Hill Descent Control and Hill Hold Control.

Q: What are the benefits of AWD and 4WD?

A: They help maximize traction on various types of road conditions, including wet, snowy, rough, or dry.

A: It helps provide more neutral handling on slippery surfaces, helping reduce oversteer / understeer.

A: On wet, snowy, slippery or rough roads, AWD and 4WD systems put all four tires to work, grabbing the best traction available for the conditions.

Q: What is the Warranty Coverage?

A: The AWD and 4WD components are covered under Suzuki's 100,000-mile/ 7-year powertrain limited warranty.